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Newest Dog Breeders Article. The Right Breeder
Newest Dog Breeders Article. Dogs are considered as man's best friend. Deciding to own one whether it is big or small involves a lot of responsibility. It is not just about feeding it but includes other chores such as grooming, watchi...
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6 easy ways to find a good dog training professional

Finding a good dog training professional With so many people advertising in the field of professional dog training today, trying to determine who's truly qualified to look after your dog can be overwhelming. What to look f...

By: David Wood

Tips For Choosing a Dog Day Care

Dog day care is all the rage these days. Dog day care is a great solution for working dog owners who feel guilty about leaving their dogs home all day. We asked Elizabeth Gabriel, founder of the Dog House, one of the first...

By: Margaret Svete

Selecting an ideal dog for your family

Owning a dog is a big responsibility, so it is important to put plenty of thoughts into your decision in order to provide a safe and happy home for your dog. You should do everything you can to educate yourself about the b...

By: Ekta Verma

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Tiny puppy dumped in biscuit box (BBC News)

A six-inch long puppy found dumped by a road in a cardboard box is taken into the home of an RSPCA employee.

Toledo boy, 4, loses foot to amputation after family's pit bull puppy gnawed ...

A 4-year-old North Toledo boy had his right foot amputated today after it was gnawed repeatedly by the family's pit bull puppy. The boy, who reportedly has spina bifida, is being treated at Toledo Hos...

Toledo Child Loses Foot After Family's Pit Bull Puppy Gnawed on it (NBC 24 To...

(Toledo, OH) --- A North Toledo boy remained in the hospital Friday after his right foot was missing, after the family's pit bull puppy apparently gnawed on it, said the Lucas County Dog Warden.

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